Exeter United Methodist Church
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cathy's Page- a story to share with a child

                                                                       Cathy’s Column
Here is a little story called “Winning Isn’t Everything,” by Cathy Hoyt, our children’s teacher. Please share with a child near you!
Lucy wasn't happy. She ran a race and did not win. She didn't get picked for the soccer team. She didn't get to be the class leader today.
She stomped all the way home and found her Grandpa sitting in the living room reading the Bible.
Grandpa opened his arms and Lucy ran into them crying. Grandpa hugged Lucy until the tears stopped. “Tell your old grandpa what happened at school today.” Lucy told her grandfather everything.
“Was there anything good about today?” her grandfather asked.
“Well, I stopped some kids from bullying a little kid and we sat together at recess. He made me laugh with some jokes. He's a funny kid. His name is Billy. But grandpa, I wanted to win and be the best. I would be famous and popular at school.”
“You know what Lucy? You made a new friend and helped him too. Now that's doing God's work. Being famous in God's eyes is much better! A man in the Bible named Amos wasn't famous, but when God told him what to do, he did it without question. God used him and God can use anyone to do his work if they only listen. I'm proud of you Lucy."
“I love you Grandpa. You're right. Some-times I forget it’s not about me, but it’s about Jesus and God. Thanks for helping me feel better,”
“I love you too Lucy. Everyone needs re-minding once in a while. Even me. Now let’s get a snack and thank God for our many blessings.”