Exeter United Methodist Church
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rev. Blair- Church Conference Report

Pastor's Report for the Annual Church Conference
(Held Oct. 8, 2017)
     EUMC said goodbye to one pastor and said hello to another this year.  The transition to a new pastor is never an easy one, yet with prayers of many it can be a fruitful time in the life of the congregation.
     I am grateful for the many gestures of hospitality during this transition time. I am also grateful for the help received from church leaders.  Our Office Administrator and Recording Secretary, Kathy Barker, has been of enormous help during this time of transition.
     As you know, I have roots in Exeter due to the fact that my parents lived here from 1977 until their deaths in 2009 and 2011. I am beginning to explore these roots, and I am excited to see what kind of growth can come out of them.
     In August, I asked the question, "How can we tell the story of Jesus and His love to each other, to our community, and to our children?"  We tell the story through our worship, in our fellowship and prayers and out of our continuing study of the Holy Scriptures.  I want to make the discipline of study a priority in this ministry, hoping that together we make EUMC a vital center for Christian learning and Discipleship.
     One of my goals is to visit everyone personally by the end of June 2018.  John Wesley wanted his Pastors to "go from house to house" and I mean appropriately to fulfill that charge (don't worry: I'll let you know I'm coming!).  During these visits we'll pray together, share the scriptures, and generally encourage one another for the days ahead.  I would really like to see small groups (they used to be called "class meetings") being held in people's homes.  If you would like to lead such a group by all means let me know.  The main qualifications for leadership is to have a heart for hospitality and a genuine love for Jesus Christ.
Yours In His Name,
Rev. Jim Blair
September 2017